About Safe-Grip





Barrel horses in this day and age are much more competitive than they were in years past, the arena ground is just not keeping up with today’s horses. The rate of horses being injured while competing is on the rise from slips and falls. A small number of horses have been injured in a way they had to be euthanized. The Patent Pending Safe-Grip Shoes are the answer to today’s problems with the performance horse, providing traction only when needed. The shoe is designed to let the barrel horse slide going into the barrel but as soon as the horse starts to push off to leave the barrel, it will grip the ground to give traction. The cleats have a design to them that allows traction only when the horse pushes with the shoe (forward motion) but has little traction when the horse stops. We have found that Safe-Grip shoes perform very well on Roping horses, Cutting horses, Endurance trail riding horses, and many other disciplines that need traction for fast starts without slips.

WHAT SETS THE SAFE-GRIP SHOES APART?    Traction is a big part of keeping the horse and rider safe but can also be very harmful to the horse. In the past farriers would add traction to the horseshoes, but it was a 100% traction all the time, it could never be turned off. This causes problems in the horse’s joints when a horse sets the hindquarters they need to slide to put the energy into the ground versus that shock and concussion going up the leg and aggravating the joints. Also, when the traction cannot be turned off the horses will safety up when approaching the barrel this will result in a slower time while competing.


Dr. John Wildeisen, Chiropractor for 21 years specializing in biomechanics, managing member of Wilde Performance Horses LLC, inventor and manufacturing specialist, member of AQHA, BFA.

Isaiah Garn, Specializes in Equine Podiatry, Started his practice in 2008. Graduating top in the class at Midwest Horseshoeing School. Today Isaiah has built one of the most successful Farrier Services for Performance Horses in the Midwest.

Dr. John and Isaiah’s families are active in the Sports of Rodeo and Barrel Racing.