“As a farrier, I can attest to these being a solid option in your “toolbox” of goodies to help your horse. In the 15 years of shoeing, I have seen many of these types of shoes come on the market and then quickly fade into the sunset after a year or so because of their design. However, Safe Grips are a nicely designed shoe, with break over incorporated into the toe, they have nice nail placement (important for high nails and fewer lost shoes) and shape well cold or hot. Remember though; the application is the most important factor with not only SafeGrips but any shoe.”
Professional Farrier Chris Rusmisel



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Q. Does my horse wear Safe-Grips all the way around, or just on the front or just on the back?
A. We have a front pattern and a hind pattern, we recommend to use Safe-Grips on front and hind.

Q.Will Safe-Grips have too much grab in some arenas?
A. The Safe-Grips are designed to only have traction when the shoe is being pushed (the horse is starting to run or is running ), at this time the horse needs all the grab it can receive from the footing and shoes. Our shoes are the only shoe design to do this! That’s why we call them the "Safe-Grips".

Q. Will my farrier have to change his/her way of shoeing?
A. No. It was one of our biggest goals to create the Safe-Grips as user-friendly as possible. Your farrier can Trim, Shape, Nail and Clinch just like a normal shoe.

Q. What nails do you use with Safe-Grips?
A. The shoes are punched for 5 slim blade nails. We have had farriers use 5 city head, 6 slim blade and 5 combos an all worked great for the 5-8 week shoeing cycle.

Q. Concerned on nail hole placement? 
A. We have had Safe-Grips out for testing around the USA for the last 2 years. The farriers that were involved with the testing have not run into any problem with the nail hole placement. We have had great feedback! Here are just a couple of comments: "Love the nail hole placement" and "Nailed on easily with little effort".   The picture below is to show the old nail holes from a safe-grip perfectly in line with the white line of the foot. The picture on the right is a tracing of a rim shoe in blue and Safe-grip in pink, notice that the nail holes fall in line with the rim shoe.


Q. Can I be a dealer of Safe-Grips?
A. Yes! Send us an e-mail at info@safe-gripshoes.com