Safe-grips are becoming the new standard for Barrel and Roping horses, They were used on horses in:

2017-2021 BBR World Finals

2019-2020 PRCA Great Lake Circut Finals

2017-2019 MRCA Finals

2019-2020 URA Finals

2019-2020 BFA, BBR, Fizz Bomb, Pink Buckle, and the L.G. Futurities

2019-2021 RFD TVs American Semi-Finals

2020-2021 RFD TVs AMERICAN

!!!!!  2020 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo !!!!!





Pro Barrel Racer Kara Large and her mare RSL FirstRoyalEddie “Katie” Before Safe-Grips.

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The Patented design allows the barrel horse to slide going into the barrel but as soon as the horse starts to push off to leave the barrel, it will grip the ground to give traction.


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The Patented design of Safe-Grip shoes only provide traction when the horse needs it and allows them to slip when it is desired...this is the only horseshoe to allow this.

The Revolution In Horseshoes Has Begun...

Revolutionary design that allows the performance horse to slide safely when needed...and grip the ground as your horse powers into its run and needs traction!!GET A GRIP ON THE GROUND!!

Perfect for:

  • Barrel racing
  • Roping horses
  • Cutting horses
  • Endurance trail riding
  • Any discipline that requires traction for fast starts without slips!!
  • Made with the highest quality metals in the industry
  • Application is the same as a normal shoe