As Safe-grips are becoming the new standard for Barrel and Roping horses, we get asked why our hind shoes (shoe on right) have the diamond toe?
The answer is, Whenever we apply traction to the hind of the horse they will tend to forge (make that clicking sound when walking) the diamond toe helps take forging away and also it was our goal to make a “SAFE” shoe with that said the diamond toe allows the horse to really get down and slide when needed.
Farriers are also putting Safe-grip hind shoes on horses front feet to help with breakover if your horse is in need of a rolled toe shoe.






The Patent Pending shoe is designed to let the barrel horse slide going into the barrel but as soon as the horse starts to push off to leave the barrel, it will grip the ground to give traction.


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The Patent Pending Safe-Grip shoes only provide traction when the horse needs it and allows them to slip when it is desired...this is the only horseshoe to allow this.

The Revolution In Horseshoes Has Begun...

Revolutionary design that allows the performance horse to slide safely when needed...and grip the ground as your horse powers into its run and needs traction!!GET A GRIP ON THE GROUND!!

Perfect for:

  • Barrel racing
  • Roping horses
  • Cutting horses
  • Endurance trail riding
  • Any discipline that requires traction for fast starts without slips!!
  • Made with the highest quality metals in the industry
  • Application is the same as a normal shoe